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The mother of Yoga. A perfect place to start for many and also the go-to for veterans. It’s a form that has been tried and tested over hundreds of years. Hatha taps into the mental, physical and energetic layers to bring balance between the Active (Ha) and the Passive (Tha) forces within. Expect to work closely with your awareness to concentrate and channel it’s stream inwards towards energetic centres and chakras. Each session will include Sun Salutations, Pranayama and Meditation. Hatha is best practised in the morning to invigorate the mind and body for the day ahead.  



A modern creation for the new age. The world has changed immensely since the creation of Yoga. Our minds have since been geared towards the Yang. A constant state of flux resulting from an overactive mind. This has taken us away from the Yin-Yang equilibrium which is actually our natural state of existence. Yin serves to bring back balance by holding poses for longer periods. Eyes are often closed and a deeper state of introspection is developed. Patience is cultivated whilst also preparing one to sit comfortably in meditation postures. Naturally, the practise is cooling on the frontal lobe, calming the mind through stillness. For this reason, it is best practised in the afternoon or evening. 



The ultimate purpose of yoga. My inspiration is driven directly by the teachings of Siddartha Gautama, the Buddha. He was nothing more than a man who explored deep within and found ultimate truth. Meditation will involve the precise technique used by the Buddha himself 2,500 years ago, with no modifications from myself. Here is where the real fruits are seen in one’s daily life. Increased concentration, mental clarity, patience, , perseverance and presence of mind to name a few. All which are validated through direct experience whilst sitting and meditating. A short meditation will always be included with Hatha or Yin classes.

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