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India Retreats


Come and experience an authentic Yoga and Meditation retreat in the sacred space of my family home. Since it's creation in 08/08/08, it has remained closed off from outside visitors. Much love and attention has been injected into the space over the last 10 years. Now it is primed and ready for those seeking spiritual growth. 

The program has been rigorously tested with the aim to rewire the deeper layers of the mind and ultimately bring balance back. It will not deliver instant gratification, rather it will teach you the core teachings of Yoga & Meditation and equip you with tools for your own self-practice. Here is what the daily program looks like: 


 Daily Program

5-5:30am - Wake Up 

5:30-6:30am - Meditation

7am - 8:30am - Hatha Yoga 

9-10am - Breakfast 

10-10:30am - Walking Meditation

10:30am-12pm- Rest

12pm-1pm- Light Lunch

2-3:30pm- Philosophy Lecture

4-5:30pm- Yin Yoga 

6-7pm- Dinner 

7-8pm- Meditation

8pm onwards - Rest 

Silent hours from 6pm-10am daily. 

No phones will be allowed throughout the entire retreat.

First 2 days will include juice fasting. 

Program is subject to small changes day to day. 


You do not need to be experienced in Yoga but it is of course helpful to have a little. All the home-cooked meals will be ​vegetarian, organic and sattvic.  If you do have any special dietary requirements, please do let me know before hand.

Booking & Information

Please email me at

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