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Upgrade Complete

The backend of last week, I felt my body was completely empty. No more toxins and the pipes well and truly gutted. This week, I treated my body a bit like a new factory starting up.

Colemas suck out both good and bad bacteria so I’ve been stocking up in good bacteria in the form of pre and probiotics. Now I got one badass colony ready to conquer indian street food. Just joking, I actually started off the week with soups and boiled vegetables. Just to have some taste on my tongue was an absolute delight. Midweek, I moved more onto raw salads, veggie curries and then onto rice. I’ve had to be extra careful not to eat gluten accidentally. The food allergy symbols on menus have definitely helped with this! So far my chronic abdominal cramp hasn’t worsened woo hoo!

There have been a couple of other surprising observations:

- On my first session back in Yoga we started off with some gentle neck rotations. Pre detox, my neck would click and grind countless times with every rotation. Post detox, 90% of the grinding had disappeared. The same could be said for my knee joints which I’ve come to know very intimately over the last couple of months. The gluten may have caused an inflammatory response which I was completely unaware of for the last couple of years, I always just thought it was tension in the body. Now I know how normal people actually feel!

-Improved memory! I’m finding it easier to remember things. Only marginally but I can locate my travel gear much easier and actually remember date on most days.

- During my meditation I’ve observed a greater level of mental space.

Saturday was fun! It was my last day in Thailand so I went to play a round of golf with a fellow detoxer. Some bloke called Stu who won Australia bachelorette!? We both played horrendously but it was nice just to walk in nature.

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