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Unlocking the Cosmic Laws

What would an observer see if they were to observe you? Today, you will become an observer :)

Your Objective: Solve for x in the table below

Tips: Enjoy the process itself, it may take some time.

Cosmic Order

*These are very small, detectable bodily sensations. They exist on the bodily surface (skin) and inside the body too. Examples include the feeling of warm or cold. Sensations come in a million different forms, just know that they represent anything you can feel.

Definitions: Clairvoyance - Clair means "Clear" and "Voyance" means vision. Clairvoyance is the claimed ability to receive or transmit information between other conscious beings using extrasensory channels.

Dualism - Your belief that there is a separation between 'you' (Subject) and the everything else (Object).


Those liberated souls before us and their nominated teachers.

Downloadable Table:

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