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Diet underpins everything we do. It has a profound effect on our mood. Food is the necessary fuel that keeps us alive. Today, we have so much information about food, it can sometimes get a bit overwhelming.

Eastern philosophies tend to ignore carbohydrate value and instead focus on something called prana. This is the life force which permeates throughout all living beings. You cannot see or measure this life force. It's origin is the Sun. If we want to properly fuel the body, we must eat foods high in prana. For this, it is best to eat food which has been physically touched by the rays of sun, grown above ground and outdoor (literally the opposite of processed foods). Examples include vegetables, leaf and fruits. Nuts and seeds are considered to be high in prana, after all, 1 seed has the power to create an entire forrest of vegetation.

We don't have to look far to see animals thriving off prana. Some examples include elephants, rhinos and hippos. They seem to be doing just fine. Try make more of a conscious effort to include more prana-infused foods and see the effect it has on you.

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