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Physics & Yoga

Yoga observes the internal and experiences truth. Physics observes the external and understands truth. They both seek the same goal. I used to be big into physics however soon found that it was an endless pursuit as even with the most superior technology, even the most basic questions had no answers.

Scientists are only just discovering what ancient scriptures have said thousands of years ago. One of the most striking experiments was the double-slit experiment. During school I remember being completely gobsmacked. It is unbelievable and baffles scientists to this day. First, watch the video below and then read on after completion.

Finished the video? To summarise:

Atoms knew when they were being watched and changed their behaviour accordingly. Just let that sink in for a moment. The atoms were aware of the presence of a detector and able to consciously change their behaviour.

If everything is made of atoms then everything must be aware. The atoms used in this experiment had no associated living being or mind, just atoms in isolation and with that there existed awareness. The ancient texts call this Sat-Chit-Anananda (Existence-Awareness-Bliss) or Purusha (universal awareness). Others, call it Omniscience and Omnipotent.

The experiment also showed us that matter can act as waves and vice versa, more commonly known as wave-particle duality. If this is the case than you are not a solid structure. Every second, the atoms that make 'you' come in and out of existence. 'You' are constantly transacting with the universe, physically and energetically, millions of times a second. You are literally a completely difference person to when you first started reading this post. A previous wave of you might be on the other side of the world by now. Now it might be a part of someone else.

On a macro level, a physical object you see may not seem aware of it's own existence but on a subtle, smaller, finer level the experiment would suggest otherwise. The same can be said for the body. Believe it or not, the mind is capable of tuning into this subtle plane. On this plane, the interconnectedness of all beings, all matter, all energy is observed. Meditation is the practical portal through which this is achieved. The Buddha said that every step towards liberation must move from the gross to the subtle. In doing so, the mind moves from the macro to the micro. Here is where truth is experienced.

Yoga doesn't need science for validation. Yoga is a science in it's right, you are subject of interest, you are the experiment and you are also the impartial observer.

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