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Patanjali Yoga Sutras 2.7 & 2.8

Perhaps two of the most common, daily hindrances towards spiritual progression are Raga and Dwesha.

Raga is the desire to experience pleasurable sensations. Dwesha is the repulsion of unpleasant sensations.

They are two sides to the same coin and bind us down to lower frequencies. First we should eliminate Dwesha and then Raga will soon follow.

Raga explains why some become addicted to drugs and intoxicants. The reality is that these people are not addicted to the drug. They are in fact addicted to the pleasurable sensation caused by the drug.

Dwesha can come in many forms, comments made by others, slumps after artificial highs, even exercise. As with Raga, the object itself is not unpleasant, it is what emerges within the body after the object is experienced which is unpleasant.

Master the sensations within your body and Raga and Dwesha will soon disappear. The tight set of constraints that once made us happy, now disappear. Opening up the possibility of stimulus-independent happiness.

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