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Patanjali Yoga Sutras

Chapter 2 Sutra 4: Avidya is the mother that gives birth to all 5 root causes.

Avidya can be closely associated with ignorance, that which you do not know, delusions and incorrect knowledge. In Vedanta it is said that eradication of Avidya should be humanity's only goal.

Broadly speaking, there are two types of Avidya:

1. Incorrect knowledge. 2. Ignorance of ones own metaphysical state.

How to eliminate these two types of Avidya:

1. We must seek proper guidance to eliminate incorrect knowledge. For this we must trace back to source texts written directly by those enlightened before us. We can also seek teachers who are not only teaching the path but also walking it themselves.

2. Equipped with the correct guidance we can begin to investigate the true nature of mind and matter. This is a practical exercise which is often done through meditation.

Slowly we begin to shine light on the darkness and move away from Avidya and towards Vidya. This is universal truth that which has been gained through internal observation. Truth relating to the laws of nature and cosmic order. Every truth is felt directly within the body. With time and effort, the practitioner removes all traces of Avidya until the true self is realised.

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