• Amit

My Meditation

I don’t usually like to film myself practicing as it influences the experience itself. However, I thought this video may motivate those looking to develop their own meditation practice. Especially as now is the time to set goals & resolutions for the new year and decade ahead.

What you see here is the most important part of my day. A proper anchor ⚓️. Without it, I tend to make bad choices. As you can see, nothing exciting seems to be happening on the outside. The magic happens on the inside. What you are actually seeing is the process of inner cleansing 🛁. Taming the mental bull 🐂 that charges uncontrollably from object to object with great rapidity.

The road is long and arduous 🏔. Perhaps the toughest challenge there is. With daily practice howerver, you can begin to conquer the mind. Watch how the fruits of your hard work begin to permeate throughout all aspects of Life. Oozing in all the nectar 🍯 of every moment that passes by. Continuing even further with the practice, eradicating the impurities daily until one day you experience complete mastery over the mind.

Liberation they call it. Are you in?

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