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What comes after 4 weeks of Tantric Hatha? Half Term of course, just not the one I had planned. I’m back in Koh Samui again to see my older brother, Nij! Originally, we planned to do the detox at the same time but organisation (or as we call it ‘admin’) really isn’t our forte and we ended up booking our detox at completely different times. Having done mine already, it was my brother’s turn to get his pipes cleaned! I was just there to cheer him on from the sidelines.

Back in Canggu, me and a friend discovered a small gelato stand. When one of us suggested going to the stand, the other person would 100% approve with no hesitation. This acted as a full-proof guilt free mechanism, genius! The idea of not getting something sugar related after dinner was absurd. It became a daily routine. We ended up going to the gelato stand 4 days in a row, in my last 4 days of Bali. Once on the plane to Koh Samui, it dawned on me how naughty I had been. As a punishment, I decided to do a 3-day juice fast from the 20th — 23rd August. The first day went well and then my birthday came on the 21st . My mum packed me some goodies that I love and my brother couriered them over. I requested for 1 block of cathedral cheese and received heaven instead:

Not going to lie, it was a little emotional opening up all my birthday cards. But then I wiped my tears with all the money I got and it was all better, JK! Not only did I get Birthday cards but I also got early Diwali cards too & Raksha Bandhan equipment too from my cousin sisters. It was all very overwhelming and my mind was very confused. Raksha Bandhan is when brothers give their sisters money and the sisters tie rakhees (bracelets)on their brothers wrists in return. The rakhi’s are tied as a ritual for protection over the sisters but also as symbol of dependence and respect betwen both. The problem was, our cousin sisters were back in London. Fortunately a fellow detoxer and manager at the detox place subbed in.

I had completely forgotten that I would be fasting on my birthday. When I saw all these goodies, I really questioned my decision making process. Anyway, I held out for the entire day and was super proud to have such good discipline on my birthday. In the evening I picked up all the food and retired to my room. I was on my laptop when I noticed the cathedral block of cheese peeking over the top of my screen, calling me over. One thing led to another and what followed was nothing short of utter destruction. I wiped out an entire block of cheese, a box of crackers, 50% of the Branston pickle and 2 boxes of the Viennese biscuits. It was all guilt free as I kept saying to myself it was my Birthday you can do what what you want. I went to bed shortly after this and literally lost around 30% mobility in my left knee when I woke up. It felt super stiff and it was like the gluten biscuits had sucked dry every drop of my knee lubricant. I expected a little reaction but this was crazy. It meant, I couldn’t do Yoga for 4 days as I really felt that I’d really injure my knee. I doctored my self with lots of turmeric, coconut oil and juices. After a week, I was back to normal again with working joints. Would I do it all over again? No, I would include the eclairs too! If I’m going to be immobile, I may as well go big! I didn’t tell my brother about this as I felt to ashamed of myself. Nij, now you know the truth behind my dodgy knee.

The second week I took things nice and easy started to do my own meditation. Recently, I’ve been thinking more and more about meditation and integrating my own practice on a daily basis. More so than Yoga and so I’ve just been doing 30 minutes every day or so of simple breath observation to sharpen my focus. Consider this episode to be the calm before the storm of next week where I’ll be practicing the most-high octane Yoga there is — Ashtanga!

Peace and love from the Gami Brothers!

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