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Each session will

be taught using either Hatha or Yin along with a short Meditation.



One to One

Thousands of years ago, the only way Yoga would have been taught is directly from teacher to student. In this way, the purity of the technique is maintained and ensures the student is properly absorbing the teaching. One to one is by far the most effective way to learn. Every session is meticulously designed in advance. Like having your own personal chef, picking the best ingredients to benefit your mind and body. Risk of injury aggravation is minimised and efforts towards yogic progression are maximised. 

Sessions are usually conducted in the comfort of your own home. 

Duration: 1hr 15 minutes

Private Groups

These classes are suited for small groups of 2 to 5 students. Ideal for sharing the experience with a loved one, family, friends, or both! Learning in such an environment, charges the space with positive vibrations and creates a highly conducive atmosphere for Yoga.

In doing so, you'll support each other on your respective journeys and the practise will naturally help foster healthier relationships. Shut that TV off and let's roll out the mats! 

Sessions are conducted in the comfort of your own home. 


Duration: 1hr 15 minutes


Having worked in the corporate sector myself, I know what impact the office environment can have on the mind. Yoga in the workspace is becoming increasingly popular not just for efficiency purposes but as a practical means to raise the quality of mental health. It adds a completely new dimension to the workspace, a practical means to maintain a balanced mind, no matter how much stress one faces. Daily or weekly yoga as well as group meditation sittings can all be arranged. 

Sessions are conducted at your work space. 

Schools & Hospitals

Having previously taught Maths to kids of all ages, I'm well aware of how a raw young mind operates. Natural and untamed. However, we often forget that children are also subject to stress. I would argue much more so than ever before. Consistent pressure for top grades and technology  are just a few contributors that can lead to an unhappy childhood. Implementing Yoga at a young age enables them to choose the right seeds to sow whilst maintaining a fertile soil, void of any weeds. Let's not forget the teachers too, true unsung heroes. 

Within hospitals, not only are patients ill but they can feel extremely isolated too. Yogic breathing practises are extremely powerful and bring vitality back into the body. This helps tremendously with both physical injuries and psychosomatic diseases. Yoga also creates a common bond between patients and provides a constructive talking point on their road to recoveries. 

Giving back is highly important for me and I find that I can best give back through Karma Yoga. This is selfless behaviour through direct action. For this reason, Schools & Hospitals will never be charged. If you are a representative of a school or hospital, please do contact me via

Price: Donation Based

Donation Based

Typically, these classes will be group meditation. Practising as a Sangha (group) creates a powerful, collective vibration especially when the same technique is used. There is a noticeable difference between practising individually compared to a Sangha. Meditation has a potent beneficial affect on the mind.  It is also a universal technique that has the ability to change the fundamental nature of deeply-rooted habit patterns. Group sittings will be arranged in the near future. Please do get in contact if you would like to be informed once the sittings start. 

Price: Donation

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