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About Me

My mission is to revive the ancient teachings of yoga. Back when I first started out, I remember being overwhelmed by all the different types of Yoga. The classes I did attend just felt like exercise focused on stretching and strengthening. While it’s true these are common parts of any class, I knew that the deeper teachings were missing.

I decided to take control of my practise and spent one year in India practising all forms of Yoga & Meditation, full-time! Coming from an engineering background, I adopted a scientific approach and practised each form, exclusively for 1 month to experience it's individual effect. These included Traditional Hatha, Iyengar, Ashtanga, Vinyasa, Yin, Tantric Hatha, Sivananda, Self-inquiry, Zen Meditation and Vipassana Meditation. At times, I felt like a mad professor experimenting on my mind and body through the use of a spiritual buffet. 

After time, I found that Hatha, Yin and Meditation resonated with me most. Now, my focus lies purely on these 3 techniques. A complementary trinity that is logical, practical and validated through direct experience. I draw on teachings from, Patanjali, Gautama Buddha, Hatha Yogic texts and modern Yin philosophies.  Having experienced the fruits myself, I’m eager to share these valuable seeds with you all.

"We don't use the mind to enter the asana, we use the asana to enter the mind"

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